Etsy Made for You

UX Design

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Etsy Made for You is a new feature for the Etsy app that allows buyers to post a request for a custom-crafted item and received bids from artists who wish to fulfill the order.

The Problem

Etsy is a global e-commerce website focused on handmade or vintage items and supplies. It’s a place where buyers can find unique items and purchase directly from artists and crafts people.

Etsy has invested in the overall functionality and user experience of their site. The usual flow is for a buyer to search or browse categories or sellers until they find items they’d like to purchase. Some of these items can be customized; fabric or color changes, but if a buyer wants a truly custom item, there is no good way to reach out to artists to have one created. They would need to spend hours researching artists to find one who can create their vision.

The Solution

Etsy Made for You is a feature created to help a buyer pitch their vision to the artist community and receive bids from artists interested in fulfilling the commission. This app brings buyers and makers together removing the need for the buyer to spend hours researching and messaging artists to see if they could or would be interested in creating a custom item.

The Process

I was part of a team of four that collaborated on the design of this feature. The process included:

  • Research – user interviews; domain, competitive/comparative and current task analysis, personas, user scenarios, stories, card-sorting survey, customer journey
  • Planning – brainstorming, initial sketching, layout, storyboarding
  • Designing – concept map, task analysis, user flow, site map, initial Balsamiq wireframe
  • Prototyping – clickable prototype with Axure, user testing

Process Slideshow

  • Etsy Made for You iPhone Mockup
  • user persona
  • user journey before
  • user journey after
  • Affinity Diagram Results
  • user flow
  • user flow
  • user flow
  • site map
  • wireframes
  • iPhone6 mockups
  • iPhone6 developer markings

Click button to see Prototype