Beauty and functionality are not mutually exclusive. We CAN have it all.

I am a UX designer striving to create clarity and connection in an overly cluttered world. Many experiences have led me to where I am today, pivoting my career to UX Design. My passion for problem-solving, my love for design and the genuine interest I have for people make UX a great fit for me and me for it.

I love creative collaboration; working on a team towards a mutual end goal and advocating for the users needs to be met with functional design. Beauty and functionality are not mutually exclusive. We CAN have it all.

My unique qualities span a mix of both right and left brained capabilities. I am logical, with a background in software and business. I’ve worked as a technical support engineer supporting a programming language; a technical writer, a web administrator and as a web designer. As a business consultant, I’ve worked on diverse projects for a broad spectrum of clients utilizing my project management and written and oral communication skills. However, at my core, I am a creative.

I have a background in Theatre as an actress and a director, but I’ve always been an artist. I started painting when I was 16 and am primarily self-taught. Over the years, I have taken many courses with contemporary painters. I am lucky to have been able to spend a year in France learning in the style of the “Old Masters.” Ironically, I didn’t learn to paint there, I learned to see. I learned to look deeply and patiently observe the light moving across the subject, the gradations of color, and subtle changes in texture. My task was painting exactly what was before me and I did it well. I’m always proud and humble at the finished result. Yet, I can truly say, the process is just as rewarding.

  • I am a creative thinker, and a problem solver and who loves to listen intently, connect with users and create better products and experiences.
  • I am a skilled communicator with an affinity for building and maintaining relationships.
  • I am an effective collaborator, team member and leader.
  • I have keen insight in quickly understanding and interpreting client needs, building rapport, trust and project engagement with all levels of stakeholders.

As a UX designer I am able to leverage my technical, creative and communication skills and apply design process to deliver real results. I am always looking for interesting co-conspirators, collaborators, and thought partners. Please reach out to me on Linkedin, or via email.